Legalize Seeds Blog Vibrating Butt Plugs: The gadget you never knew you needed

Vibrating Butt Plugs: The gadget you never knew you needed

There are a few sex toys which anyone can use for pleasure. A butt plug is one of those toys. But plugs are not as thick and long like dildos but still quite effective. These are designed only to stimulate anal sex sensation and they do their job pretty great. Anybody can try a butt plug regardless of orientation, gender, and genitalia.

It becomes more effective when it vibrates. A vibrating butt plug is more erogenous than any other sex toy invented till the date. This sex toy is going to stimulate your prostate in a way that you will stop all the other chores and sit on a couch or lay on your bed to enjoy that unique sensation.

Women can also put it in their vagina to stimulate the back vaginal wall. However, its size might not provide as much pleasure as you want. There are several nerve endings around the anus which vibrating butt plug tickles and stimulates. A normal butt plug does not work as effectively as a vibrating butt plug arouses the user. Sadly, many people have not tried it yet and they are still missing that amazing vibrating sensation.

How a vibrating butt plug is different?

The beginners see anal play as a dangerous way of having sexual pleasure. They try it and then enjoy it. Butt plugs play a crucial role in eliminating the fear of having anal sex. It introduces you to something truly amazing that you were missing for a long time.

Similarly, vibrating butt plugs add more sensation around your anal walls to stimulate nerve endings and anal walls. This sex toy performs way better than your imagination. The best models are equipped with batteries which can last up to 2 hours. Vibrating butt plugs are made travel-friendly so that you can put them in and travel wherever you want.

Most of the vibrating butt plugs contain a vibrating bullet which vibrates to offer a multi-point stimulation. It feels quite exciting and thrilling when you increase vibration intensity. You don’t need to take the butt plug out of your butt hole to customize its settings. These sex toys come with a remote which allows you to increase, decrease, or turn off vibration sensitivity.

You can also pick butt plugs which feature a motor fitted around the tip or bulb. It vibrates much better than ordinary vibrators. These sex toys are 100% waterproof. Top-rated manufacturers use medical-grade silicone to prepare this anal sex toy.

You get phthalates and latex-free toy to put inside your anus for anal play. It leads you to a whole new level of anal sensation which you have never experienced before. Such unique abilities make it a wonderful sex toy to have in the pocket. It does not matter whether you are a man or woman, anyone can get it and try this vibrating sex toy for anal pleasure.

What if you want to buy one now?

Then, go to and buy one now!

It is tough to refuse to buy something, which can thoroughly change the way you enjoy sex. Millions of people are using butt plugs today. Many also keep these sex toys fixed inside their anus for prolonged periods. People have discovered several amazing ways of enjoying anal play.

Users never put ordinary butt plug back after trying a vibrating butt plug. It is truly unique and more exciting. You may also wish to try one and you can find one of the best right now. Consider the following factors:

  • Choose the right size:

Most of the users try butt plugs to prepare for penetrative anal play. Even though it does not look as large as a dildo, it can cause some pain. Therefore, you should know how thick and long your butt plug should be. Try something bigger if you already own an ordinary butt plug. Or, you can try the same size sex toy to feel the vibrating anal sensation.

  • Is it safe?

You will find a huge list of brands producing vibrating butt plugs. All of them are not reliable because their sex toys are not safe. You should choose a butt plug made of silicone or some other safe material. Its tip should not be too sharp or too wide otherwise it will damage your anal walls.

Check if there is a stopping point or wider base so that you can easily push and pull that butt plug out. Such safety features make a butt plug much safer than ordinary sex toys. Every brand does not offer such safety features and that’s why you should be extra careful when placing the order.

  • How do you want to use it?

It is quite tough to resist putting that vibrating butt plug in the anus when you will start enjoying it. Many men and women carry their butt plugs fixed inside their anus. They like to enjoy its touch and sensation for a much longer time. Some like to enjoy small sessions.

Suppose you want to keep it plugged for prolonged periods, choose a design that makes easier. Vibrating butt plugs are designed for long-term wear. You just need to choose the right one. Make sure it does not make any noise when vibrating otherwise people around you will know what is going on and why you are so excited.

  • Should you buy more than one?

Suppose you are not sure how long you would enjoy the company of a small size butt plug, you should buy two or more different sized vibrating butt plugs. You can begin the play with the smallest one and end with the largest one. Get a perfect collection of vibrating butt plugs to enjoy the anal play in a thrilling way.


The first-time buyers might still find it a bit confusing to choose the right vibrating butt plug. The confusion can be resolved by reading customer reviews. Many users anonymously share their experience with top-rated models of vibrating butt plugs. Check their reviews to reveal which butt plug is safe and perfect for your anal play.

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