Press Releases

Our advocacy of improving the methods of giving pleasure to men is only one of its kind. Nowhere else will you be able to talk with as many people having this same advocacy, nor meet with the leaders of this movement. Our speakers, attendees and volunteers gather once a year to share information, discuss moves and innovations in this endeavor, and socialize at this week long event.

We are offering you an invitation to attend our gathering. This invitation allows 2 individuals free access to the classes**, roundtables, and our exposition. This access is solely allowed for the reporting on the event. Press groups which have not attended the gathering before will have to be approved by us first. All Press groups will need to complete the Press application and return it to the office (mail/email) prior the event.

Application forthcoming

Please read the materials carefully. Press will be expected to follow all guidelines, restrictions, and conduct as listed. Failure to do so will be due cause for ejection from the premises, and restriction from the gathering in future years.

Come join us for our Annual Gathering – this year is bound to exceed all your expectations!

Send us your application to