Legalize Seeds Blog Male Dominance: Sex positions to make your man feel better at sex

Male Dominance: Sex positions to make your man feel better at sex

We all want to spice things up, don’t we? Both men and women. By including new kinks and positions, we get more out of sex. It’s that simple. However, not all new postures work the same for you and your male partner. Just like you, they enjoy certain angles in bed, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t oblige them from time to time.

Putting it like that might sound like you won’t enjoy these new positions as much as your partner will. But that’s not true at all. You’ll both love new positions and the expressions on each other’s faces. Allow us to, therefore, list seven sex positions for men in the following text. We’ll take you through some classics as well as some you’ve never heard before.

Reverse Cowgirl

Let’s begin this list with a banger, shall we? Men love women on top of them — that’s a fact. No matter if they’re into submission or dominance, this just brings them so much joy. And the first sex position that springs to mind when mentioning women on top is the reverse cowgirl. Yup, she’s on top of him but looking away towards his legs.

While she rides her man, he’ll be able to stimulate the insides of her vagina in new ways that are simply impossible when she is facing him. But there’s another reason why they love it. Women can play with their partners’ testicles while sitting like that. Yup, some testicle stimulation never hurt anybody. It will simply blow his mind.

Doggy Style

The best way to prove male dominance in bed is to let him come at you from behind. This is what we call the doggy position. It’s pretty animalistic if you think about it. As you’re on your knees, he’s plowing you with some force. But it’s not just about his pleasure. Doggy allows for pretty deep penetration, so you can count on your G-spot being active.

Still, him going so deep isn’t necessarily best for you. For some women, doggy isn’t the first pick because it can be pretty painful. If this is the case with you and your man, we strongly suggest that you let him know. There’s nothing worse than doing something against yourself. So, let them know and try one of these other positions. They’re less harmful.


Yes, we know. Missionary is what every boring guy will go for as soon as he takes his lady’s clothes off. But it doesn’t have to be all dull and boring if you ask us. After all, there’s a reason why missionary is a classic sex position. For an experienced man, this angle of love-making can be just enough to please his lover with flying colors.

Missionary is all about male control. He lies on top of his woman, grabs her arms or hips, and goes straight to the point. But the best thing is that it’s really intimate. Thanks to this position, the two of you can kiss and look each other in the eyes throughout the whole act. Hence, missionary is a favorite for many women, too, as they love its romantic aspect.

Women on Top

If you ask a man what he wants in bed, we’re pretty much sure he’ll say to please you and only you. And no, he’s not lying. Men love to see women on top of them, doing what they like to feel better about their sex skills and up their ego. Therefore, our next sex position that men will absolutely love is what we call women on top.

You’ve definitely seen it by now in sex scenes and porn, so let’s discuss what makes it so popular. In this position, the female is, obviously on top of her man, riding his while using her hips. She can set the pace to whatever tempo she likes and should leave his hands free to roam around her. They can touch her breasts and booty while at it.

Standing Position

Next up, we have the standing position. Even if you can break it into numerous subtypes, all of them include both partners standing firmly on their legs. But why would someone enjoy having sex while standing? Isn’t lying down better? Well, standing is a pretty creative way of fucking. With it, you can do all sorts of things.

The best way to enjoy this position is if the female leans on a wall in front of her. Her man can then proceed to fuck her from behind. On the other hand, there’s a matter of oral sex too. When his woman is standing, the man can come up from under her, licking both her anus and vagina. This will make for great foreplay, believe us.

Lap Dance

This one is similar to reverse cowgirl and woman on top. The lap dance position is all about the man letting go and relaxing while his lover rides him. However, unlike with the previously mentioned position, the lap dance means the man will be sitting down instead of laying on his back. It’s pretty much the same as being in the strip club, only with fucking.

There are three ways couples can go about the lap dance sex position. The female can be all slow and steady, with the penis deep inside, stimulating her G-spot. Secondly, she can be all Vin Diesel and furious about it, with her hands grabbing him to go up and down. And lastly, it’s all about her turning her back on him, leaning her neck onto his mouth.


Even if sex shouldn’t always be romantic and sweet, there are times when being cozy makes for perfect intercourse. For guys, spooning is one of the best positions. It’s intimate and makes you and your partner almost as one. While he’s behind, he can put his hands on his lover’s breasts, finger her clit, or even slide one into her booty. But that’s not all.

Spooning is great when it comes to deep penetration. And believe us when we say that there’s nothing better for men to assert male dominance than reaching the deepest depths of their lovers’ bodies. On the flip side, spooning is as simple as you can get. The two of you just lay on your sides, and you’re ready to fuck.

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