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Benefits of Prince Albert piercing

The origin of Prince Albert piercing dates back to the Victorian era and there is even an imperial angle to it. Prince Albert was the famous husband of Her Highness

The 15 Worst Things About Giving Blow Jobs

Even if you consider yourself someone who likes giving blow jobs, you’ve probably had some moments when you were like “not so much right now.” Here are a few BJ

Feminist Blowjob

Now I’ve probably got the feminists all pissed off at me because I’m joking about rape. Feminists want to control your language. Feminists want to tell you how to talk.And

Why I Give My Husband A BJ Every Day

In my house, a blowjob is a near-daily occurrence. Now, before you click furiously away in a fit of rage, let me explain the most important factor in this, in all