About Me

My name is Laura Dela Cruz, and I own this blog. Would you believe that my marriage successfully survived three divorce attempts? I thought that I would end up being single and sad, but I think I may have discovered the secret to avoid going through a divorce and revive a cold marriage.

The secret? How to pleasure your man – properly! You see, we all think that we know everything. We think that men have a dick, and we just need to stroke it until it cums, and they would become satisfied! You are completely mistaken!

I am not a sex expert nor a doctor. I am a married woman who loves satisfying my man, and I want to share what I have learned with you. Over the years of blogging, I have gained some followers who had the same challenges with their marriage and were successful through different tips that we have shared.

What you will get is a cumulative effort of me, my writers, and this community. We hope that the blog posts about saving a marriage, pleasuring your man, product reviews that are mostly sex toys, and many more!